How to add a user plugin to Calibre and setting plugins

Calibre is a best open source ebooks reader software for EPUB books.
There’s a lots of available user plugins on calibre. You can utilize calibre much more by adding those plugins.

Let’s say in the case of installing following calibre plugin, called “Count Pages”.

[GUI Plugin] Count Pages – MobileRead Forums

This plugin let you count pages of each books, and add a customized column as page counter for the book. This plugin also has other features like readability level assessment (lexile assessment), word counting.
In readability assessment, the used algorithm is called Gunning fog index.

Gunning fog index – Wikipedia

All reference are on following page.

Introduction to plugins – MobileRead Forums

Go to Preferences, then Plugins and click on the “Get new plugins”.
Then search for the name of plugin you’re looking for with the serach box. Do right click the plugin and click “install” to install the plugin.

After installing, restarting calibre once is a requirement. After done rebooting calibre, you can see new icon for the plugin on the top menu of calibre. You can apply the plugin to your books by selecting the books and clicking the icon. But not now yet, before do that we need to add custom column to set the value of page counting or likes of that, via setting.

Right click the header of the tabulated area, then click “add custom column” to define the columns.

In this case, the plugin required to define following columns in order to show the value correctly.

Add a custom column with Preferences->Add your own columns. I suggest the following values:
Lookup name: pages
Column heading: Pages
Column type: Integers
Formatting: {0:,d}

For a readability statistic, an example is as follows:
Lookup name: gfog
Column heading: Gunning Fog
Column type: Floating point numbers
Formatting: {0:.1f}

After done that, your columns should be like this.

Finally, You need to do set the columns to the plugin on the plugin setting. Preference > plugins, and search for “count pages”, and select the plugin by clicking that, you can see the setting for the plugin.
Set custom column to the column you defined on the previous step, then click “ok” and “apply”. If you want to use another features like readability assessment one, also set them.

Then you need to restart the calibre once more, after that, you can run the script of the plugin by selecting books and clicking the icon.

See? Now You can do the same thing by the same step above, selecting books and clicking the icon. Enjoy.

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