How to open a file with specified line number on Atom

I was wondering how possibly I can open a file with specified line number, on Atom. I barely remember I actually nailed it so long while ago the same thing. But quite unfortunately there was no memo I took about that. Hahhh what a tragedy…

For the first place, I’m gonna tell you the result whether I could that or not. yep, I could. definitely. But that was journey a little bit tricky.

Here Open file in Atom and go to designate line · Issue #6947 · atom/atom · GitHub in the atom discussion, they say you can open files with specified line number, with like this manner: atom filename.txt:LINE_NUMBER:COLUMN_NUMBER
So, for example, if you don’t care COLUMN_NUMBER, then, that will be something like atom okay?

But wait. Actually I knew it. I mentioned I remember I could maybe, right? I guess I tried, but I didn’t made it, perhaps. ah, so basically, this simple style didn’t work for me, okay?

For the next try I tried editor file line column format, I don’t know but I couldn’t set “atom” to the variable, like export VISUAL=atom, you know? Not sure because I’m on Windows WSL or some another reason, but anyway I couldn’t.

I was absentmindedly trying somethings I came up with, and I accidentally found the answer for the conundrum.
Basically, at least to me, to my environment, there was two factor you need to take care of.

Basically, the format is something like this: atom.cmd .\
~~And in addition, you need to use powershell.~~ sorry, cmd was also available. But powershell is better, you know?

Factor #1: .\, not
Factor #2: atom.cmd, not atom

No idea why this format is okay and other ones are not okay, still, maybe you can use this format to open files with specified line number on atom. So cool isn’t it.